11 Reasons to Join the LSAA


1. Dedication to Our Students
The LSAA is committed to helping Oregon Law attract top quality students.  A strong alumni association demonstrates that Oregon Law is more than just three years of school.  It is a lifetime of pride, passion, and tradition.  Alumni interaction with students solidifies relationships with the university.  In addition, showcasing alumni achievements through the LSAA brings credibility to the law school.

2. Duck Deals - Alumni Preferred Partners Program
Duck Deals, the Alumni Preferred Partners program, gives Oregon Law alumni access to special products and services. Deals range from health, beauty, and fitness packages to automotive sales and services. Travel and recreation deals include partners in Oregon, Washington, and California.
 3. Career Networking and Mentoring

Become an LSAA member and receive LSAA member-only information regarding career and mentoring opportunities.
 4 . Law School Student Funding
Each year, the LSAA donates a portion of its budget to student group activities and law student interns working with non-profits.  Your membership dues greatly contribute to these efforts.
 5. Football Tickets and Tailgates
With your membership you have the ability to purchase single-game tickets prior to the general public. The LSAA typically purchases around 25-50 tickets to three select games and resells them ONLY to LSAA members. In addition, the LSAA, in conjunction with the law school, holds three LSAA tailgate parties per year!
 You = Cool 
6. You'll Be Cooler Than You Are
     Right Now

It's true!  All the cool alumni are doing it.  So should you.

 7. Alumni Web site Access
Once you sign onto the Oregon Law Web site, you'll be privy to LSAA-only Web content and information (including reservation of football tickets if available).
 8. Pride
Flash your gear and your alumni association membership card at your UW rivals and watch them cower!
 9. Oregon Quarterly
Members receive all four issues of the University of Oregon's magazine, Oregon Quarterly, featuring and celebrating the remarkable stories and ongoing connections of our students, faculty, and alumni.
 10. Duck Gear - 20 percent off
Load up on your Duck gear with your annual 20 percent off coupon, valid at all locations, including
 11. Unity
You're either with us or against us.  Enough said.

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